/noun./ a planned or spontaneous gathering or outing, within or outside the Philippines, of people from Plurk, an online social network, where one can post text which users may read based on his timeline. ORIGIN: by MLQ3 originally from Plurkfiesta (Plurk + fiesta). It's Plurk and Filipino lakbay, meaning to travel, and bayan, meaning town or municipality.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Plurk Lakbayan: Food Trip at Tagaytay 2008

Last December 26, 2008, plurkers and bloggers led by Manolo and others trooped to Tagaytay City to sample flavorful food treats from different restaurants and enjoy each others' company.

In attendance were Manolo, Arbet, Billycoy, Juned, Shari, Jen, Jeric, Mica, Ozy, Tiffy, Bong, Fritz, Jeff, Dementia, Eloisa, Nina, Melo, Gail, Marc, Daryl, Fran, Karla, Sharmaine, Elena, Marc, Cy, Deirdre and Shantee.

For some, it was a post-Christmas get together of friends, but for many, it was their first time seeing and meeting long time online (plurk and blog) friends.

Also, a lot of us were excited to eat, for the first time, at the restaurants - Mano's Greek Taverna, Bag of Beans, supposedly Leslie's (not for their really slow service at that time) and Kanin Club.

It was a great refreshing and filling experience for everyone. I can safely say that everyone enjoyed Kanin Club the most. Even if it took us an hour of waiting, it was all worth it.

To more Plurkfiestas and Plurk Lakbayan's with more plurkers and bloggers in 2009! ^^

Photos from Fran Haw from PlurkLakbayan08 Flickr photo group

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